Picture Frame Ideas ~ Super Easy DIY

Bedroom Vignette

Sometimes you just have to think outside of the decorating box and I have the perfect example today.

I was looking for wall decor to fill a blank spot in my master bedroom for a long time. I just couldn’t find the right thing for the space and it was making me crazy. You see, the room had been furnished and decorated long time ago. The new needy space was created when we ditched the TV we used to have in the room.

At first I was excited about the idea of shopping for something new, but in very short order it became apparent that the space would not be easy to fill. The room already boasts three mirrors, three lamps, a beautiful piece of artwork and a wooden architectural feature. To add any more of those items would be overkill. So I was looking for…I don’t know what…inspiration to hit when I was in the store, I guess.

Well, a few weeks ago, I was in Marshall’s and I found these two matching picture frames for $6.00 each. They were perfect. The wood pattern matched the wood circle I had over my bed. Kismet! Except they were broken, which was fine, I wasn’t going to use them as stand up frames, I was going to mount them on the wall, so they were perfect after all.

Picture frame ideas

I removed the damaged stands with a small screwdriver and my husband hung them on the wall….and there they sat for a few more weeks, empty frames, waiting for more inspiration to hit. I already had pictures of the family on the dresser and while I adore my kids, adding faces to the wall would just be too much, but pictures go in a picture frame, so what to do?

Picture Frame Ideas

Then I had a brainstorm. I wanted to add some color to the room, so I photographed the pink tulips in my kitchen and popped a picture of a bloom in each frame. It wasn’t right from the get go.

Master without TV

The minute I put that color on the wall, I knew that whatever filled the frame, needed to be white. It was a feeling in my gut and I could suddenly see exactly what I needed.

Country Master Bedroom

I was initially thinking fabric, but on a trip to the craft store, I found the prettiest white, floral scrapbook paper for $1.99 (plus 40% off with my coupon). I cut out two 4×4 squares to fit the frame space and I was done. It’s perfect, but like I said, I had a lot of other picture frame ideas. I could’ve used fabric in the frame, needlework of some sort, I bought stamps thinking I might add our initials, mine in one, his in another, the possibilities are endless if you just think a little out of the box.

Picture frame options

I am just thrilled with the way it turned out and it only cost me $14.00 to fill the space with something that I absolutely love to see in my room! Now this was not a great transformation and putting something other than a photo in a frame is not a new idea by any means.

I shared because there are still a lot of people who think that DIY is beyond their ability and I want to show that it is not. I don’t own any power tools or chalk paint. Refinishing furniture, other than slapping on a few haphazard coats of paint, is not something I have ever done. I have never transformed a palette or rewired a lamp, but I can create some pretty amazing things with the limited skills I have…and so can you. It just takes a little imagination and a lot of glue sticks.

So the next time you pass by something that catches your eye, but it’s broken or won’t fit your needs exactly, stop and think about what you could do to it to make it perfect for you.

Country Master Bedroom

I guarantee it will save you a ton of dough and you will end up with something custom made for your home and a feeling of accomplishment and pride every time you peek at it, which is what decorating your home should be all about.

Unless you want to stay in the box.

Do you?

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A TV In the Bedroom ~ Or Not

Master without tv

I do not have a TV in my master bedroom anymore and it seems to be a major point of contention for a lot of people, most of whom don’t even live here.

Growing up I desperately wanted a TV in my room, but it was not allowed. My parents had one in their master and I remember how much fun it was to curl up in their bed on a Friday night to watch Donnie and Marie. There was nothing like watching TV in bed. I can vividly recall a time when I had the chicken pox and my mom moved the small black and white TV from the kitchen into my room. Being able to watch The Brady Bunch and The Monkees, while I was all snug, made that incessant itch almost worth it. Almost.

Of course, once I was well, bedroom television privileges were revoked and that sucker was promptly returned to its countertop perch.

Fast forward to my first house as a wedded wife, I couldn’t wait to get a TV in the master (if you can call such a tiny space that), we watched it regularly. That box was always on, whether we were falling asleep to it, waking up to it or listening to it while getting ready or dusting. I was addicted. It came in pretty handy when the babies were little, too. Barney episodes, Baby Mozart, Blue’s Clues and the like provided the perfect company for early morning risers, while mommy and daddy squeezed in another thirty minutes of sleep on a weekend morning. That TV kept everyone in bed, at least until the sun came up!

Then we moved. Of course, we put the TV in the master again. The kids, now preschoolers, were sleeping in on their own and with a new teaching position, I didn’t have time to watch TV while I was getting ready or cleaning up. I was all business. As time went on, the kids started staying up later and we would watch the tube together, in the family room.

Cottage Style Family Room

There was no reason to retreat to bed, and frankly with a house full of children, there was no opportunity! When we finally did tumble into the bliss of bed, the noise and light would keep my husband awake, so I started reading books again instead.

The TV screen was remained dark. The box was unused for months at a time. Eventually, I put the remote in the drawer. I think the batteries actually died.

Then one day, I looked over at that ugly, dusty eyesore and decided it was time for it to go. I was paying for a cable box that was never used and let’s face it, TVs are not a decorator’s dream. It offended me. My room was so perfect and even though the unit was petite and white, it always looked out of place. The bedroom was supposed to be our country cottage sanctuary, our pretty escape from the rest of the world.

If you Google the topic of bedroom TVs, debate abounds. I really don’t care about scientific findings and sociological or marital studies. I just know what works for us and that, most importantly, it offended my sense of aesthetics greatly. The end.

It was not an item we loved or needed, so we disconnected it and put it in the basement. It’s be gone for almost a year and I don’t miss it a bit.

I love the room now.

Master Suite without tv

Apparently, my husband and I are the only ones though. The kids used to love to flop on my bed and watch their shows and will occasionally bemoan its absence. Surprisingly, however, it’s our guests, friends and family, people that don’t even live here, who find it most unsettling that we don’t have a TV in our room. It’s like a giant character flaw. Where is it? Where do you watch TV? What do you do when you get into bed? How do you keep up with your shows? It’s 2015, life revolves around TV, where is yours?

Ok, truth time…are you ready? I don’t really like TV. I don’t watch HGTV anymore, I am House Huntered out. I have never seen Downton Abbey (insert your gasp here) and I get my news online. Occasionally, I watch something alongside my husband or kids, but it’s rare and never in the bedroom. So why is it necessary and moreover, why do people care? I guess it’s human nature.

I guess it all goes back to one of my earliest pieces, decorate for yourself. I live in the house and it should work well for me, look pleasing for me and function well for me. Now it does.

Um, and reality check, if I needed to watch something in my bed, I can always pull it up on my phone or tablet and then tuck the technology away, where it can’t be seen!

Ahhh. Perfect. Now I can sleep!

Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

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Valentine Triple Wreath

Valentine Triple Wreath

I am not a fan of a naked front door. I always have something pretty and seasonal to decorate the outside of my home and welcome guests. During late January and early February, I go for red. By this time of winter, I find myself craving color.

Luckily, with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I have the perfect excuse to whip up something super bright and festive! This year, I decided to add a triple wreath to my bland entryway. I totally fell in love with the one I had on the door for Christmas, I figured why not replicate the style.

I am very happy with the way it turned out. I started with three dollars’ worth of faux flowers and a bit of floral wire to create these mini wreaths.

Dollar store flower crafts

Initially, they were decorating candles in my kitchen, but with the addition of a little rustic twine and some ribbon, I transformed them into a fabulous Valentine triple wreath.

Red Floral Candle Rings

To see the initial mini wreath tutorial click here.

I just looped the pink ribbon around the floral wire, connecting two wreaths and hot glued the ribbon to secure it. I usually tie the ribbons on my triple wreaths, but this wreath was so delicate, I had no where to hide a knot, so glue was the way to go.

Valentine Wreath

I have to say that it looks just as pretty inside my house as it does outside, but like I said, no undressed doors, so it’s out.

Valentine Triple Wreath

I must tell you though, as much as I rant that I do not do faux flowers, I miss them in my kitchen…suddenly my candles look naked and that’s not good either.

Looks like I’m off to the dollar store again.

What’s on your front door?


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