Rustic Decor ~ Too Sparce or Just Right?

I am a huge fan of rustic décor and farmhouse style. I like the clean lines, the simple fixtures, the interesting mix of wood, the aged, lived in it feel it generates. However, I will admit that if not done right, a rustic room can feel sparse, unfinished, cold and sometimes, dare I say it out loud, creepy.

Well, not this room, I am completely smitten with this dreamy dining area. I am in love with everything from the beamed ceilings, stone walls and planked floors to the bowls on that absolutely stunning table. I imagine it set for holidays in the winter, draped with evergreen boughs, filled with flickering candles and elegant white china set upon crimson placemats. In summer I can see nothing but flowers and pastel colored dinnerware…and family…lots of family!

Ok, that door in the background may be a little creepy, leading to a dirt cellar perhaps, but I can deal. How about you?

What’s your take on rustic décor and this particular room? Have at it, I’d love to know!

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Easy DIY: Adding Fabric To Glass Doors

adding fabric to glass cabinet doors
I have another super easy DIY for you today, this one is quick and very inexpensive, but has the power to totally transform furniture and thereby a room…it’s adding fabric to glass doors. I have written about the process before and shown photos of the technique employed in my kitchen, but here I show you step by step how to do it. Let’s start with the before.

adding fabric to glass cabinets before

The electric fireplace I chose for my basement redo is very pretty and functional. It has tons of deep shelf storage to hold the kids’ games and controllers. Unfortunately, the glass cabinet doors make the mismatched mess visible to the world…ick, that’s exactly what I was trying to hide.

Adding fabric to g;ass supplies

I started by measuring the glass panes so I would know how much fabric and tape I would need. I wanted one and a half times the width of the pane for fabric, that would give me enough to create a shirred look. For the tape, I needed an exact measurement of the glass pane plus about two inches more times two…one strip of tape affixed above the pane and one below. Just remember to multiply all your measurements by how many doors you’re covering.

With my information in hand, I made a trip to the discount fabric store, where I purchased sticky Velcro tape (not sponsored- it’s just what I bought) and a yard of  sheer brown fabric. I could’ve chosen a bright pattern or a contrasting beige, but I was going for a very elegant monochromatic scheme, so I chose this…for $3.99 a yard.

Adding fabric to glass velcro

At home, I stuck my Velcro together and cut it to size. I trimmed the pieces to a length of about two inches longer than the pane and stuck it to the wood, centered over the glass. I pressed firmly along the entire length to make certain that it was stuck to the wood. Then I peeled back the plastic and got ready to add my fabric.

Adding velcro to glass step2

Now, adding the fabric to the glass doors can be a bit tricky, but the glue on the Velcro is very forgiving, so it is easy to reposition, if necessary. I just stick the fabric onto the Velcro, gathering it as I go, to create a shirred effect. When the door is closed, it should look as if the fabric is hanging on a rod and just casually gathered. I check the front of the glass often during this process, so I am sure to get the look I desire.

Adding fabric to glass step2

Lastly, I stretch the fabric and adhere it to the bottom strip of Velcro, carefully lining up the folds I created on the top with the ones on the bottom. When I am satisfied with my look, I trim the excess fabric away, give a little extra pat to make sure everything is solidly in place and shut the mess away!

adding fabric to glass step 4a

Much better, don’t you think? What I really love about this DIY is that it is so adaptable. Let’s say that come Christmas I want to add a whimsical holiday fabric, no problem, the Velcro stays, just gently pull the fabric away and add new. The fabric on my kitchen cabinets has been changed many times over the last decade and I have never needed to replace the tape. It’s sticky.

How about if I decide to display my priceless collection of…I don’t know, whatever you collect, I don’t really have “priceless” anythings…well, that’s fine, too! Just remove the Velcro and your glass cabinet doors are restored.

adding fabric to glass cabinets

For now, for us, however, the fabric stays. We may be the family who plays together and while I love having an abundance of fun to choose from, I really don’t want to see it.

Thanks so much for popping by, hope it was helpful and if you have any questions, you can always reach me in the comments! I answer every single one!

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Bargain Basement Tour: How To Update A Room

basement redo

It doesn’t always take a lot of work and money to totally transform a space. Sometimes replacing a few key pieces is all you need to update a room. My basement is one such example. Here is the before:

basement before

There’s nothing really wrong with the space, I mean, it’s a basement. It’s basically a room where the kids and their friends hang out. While a complete and total revamp sounds nice, it’s just not all that practical. They’re teens, they spill things, regularly step on and climb over the sofa with their shoes on ~ they all deny it, but I have video proof ~ and frankly, it’s not a room I ever entertain in.  However, it was stuck somewhere between playroom and hang out and it bothered me enormously. It didn’t function well, had little to no storage and was always a giant mess. The situation needed to be remedied.

basement after redo

Step #1:  I spent a little time interviewing the family to find out how they envisioned the room, thought about what I wanted and needed from the space, evaluated the current furniture and decided on a budget.

The paint was freshened up about a year ago, I can’t (well, I’m not going to) change the original pine paneling. The couch and carpet have been around for about a decade, but they are still in really good condition despite the aforementioned “stepping and spilling”. I wanted furniture to store my supplies and the kids’ games and create an area for some crafting. Above all, I wanted to warm up the room, get rid of all the hand me downs that no longer worked and decorate in a more cohesive fashion.

Step #2: Simplify. It’s been my goal for the year and it makes a huge difference in every room. The less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to manage. I have said it over and over again. We all made some tough choices in this room. There were a ton of memories lurking down here in the form of baby toys and puzzles, books, old DVD favorites and games. We sorted and only kept what we really needed or loved.

Step #3: I started shopping. I found the craft armoire at the thrift store for $98. This one piece of furniture has changed so many other rooms in my house. Boxes and bags of supplies have been moved down here, organized and neat, and I can craft without worrying about cleaning it all away mid-project. It’s awesome. Plus it anchors the space with its dark color and height. Perfect in so many ways.

sewing armoire

Step #4: Stick to the budget ~ It pays to shop around. The Home Depot electric fireplace piece was a real find (not sponsored- I’m just sharing). I had seen one in a high end furniture store for about $3000.00. It was very pretty, I loved it and I knew that a fireplace was just what the room needed, but I was not paying three grand for it. In my kitchen maybe (did I mention I am getting a fireplace in there? Don’t tell my husband.), but not for a bunch of teens to ignore while they watch Netflix.  So I started shopping online and came across this little beauty for $399. It has over 200 four to five star reviews going back to 2012 and it was the perfect size and color. Much better. Of course, it was a box full of hardware and matchsticks that had to be assembled, but that’s ok. You get what you pay for and I wasn’t really willing to pay an extra $2600 for assembly.

adding fabric to glass cabinets

It’s a great piece, as it offers warmth and storage, but I don’t like what I have to store. None of it goes with the décor, so I added some fabric to the glass doors and bye, bye junk.

Step #5: Get creative with what you already have. I needed to attend to the desk area. The table was an Ikea find from years ago. We stained it green and it has served various functions over the years, most recently, junk collection. That needed to change. The kids occasionally pretend to do homework downstairs and I actually do craft here, but the table was ugly and the space underneath (hiding toys no one is yet willing to part with) is unsightly. I had some fabric I picked up for $10 on the clearance table and I made a skirt to add some charm and hide the Calico Critters and old Barbies. I made this one on rings for easy access.

basement after table skirt

Step #6: Add accessories. Lastly, I added a few new bargain pillows and curtains and I grabbed some pieces from around the house and voilà ~ Bargain basement redo.

I love the results. I can craft in style and the kids are absolutely thrilled with their new hangout. They have been “doing their homework” down there with friends much more often lately. I think it’s great, I love having a houseful of kids….and I really don’t mind the spills, as long as they leave their shoes upstairs.

Next week I’ll post a quick tutorial on the table skirt with rings and the glass cabinet fabric. They’re super easy projects, pack a powerful decorating punch and both are no sew.  Remember to check back if you’re interested.

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