Candy Cane Hurricane Candle

Candy Cane Hurricane Candle

So I have these flameless candles and I use them all year long.  I love the ambiance that candle glow adds to a room, but I am not really a fan of fire. I also like to doll up my candles with embellishments and a real flame limits what I am safely able to do to dress those waxy accessories up.

The remote control or timer versions let me get really crazy with my adornments without having to remove the candle and disturb my display to turn them on and off. Win ~ win!

My latest creation is equal parts holiday decor and candy dish! I simply put a small hurricane inside a big one and hang candy canes on the edge of the smaller one.

Candy Cane Candle

It looks very festive and tastes great, too! I’ve had to keep an extra box of candy canes hidden as back up, because people keep snacking on my centerpiece, but that’s ok! It’s Christmas, after all ~ the whole holiday should be made of sweet treats and fun!

I wonder if the same thing would happen at Easter if I lined the hurricanes with carrots?

Yeah…probably not.

Merry Christmas!


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Super Easy Christmas Printable

Christmas Printable

During the Thanksgiving season, I shared a post detailing a super easy printable project. I actually loved that simple little framed saying so much, that I decided to make a Christmas printable to fill my dollar store frame for December.

I went back to PicMonkey, the free version of course, and whipped up a 5 x 7 red and green design ~ “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. Once again, it took me less than five minutes to complete and the result looks fabulous. I tucked my November “Give Thanks” behind my new holiday greeting, so it’s handy when I want to display it next fall.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Printable Framed

I love the simplicity of the project itself and the composition. I think it compliments the other items on my counter very well.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Of course, if you are looking for a more elaborate design, the sky is the limit!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas printable

I am also excited, because at the beginning of the season, I challenged myself to spend no more than $10 on craft supplies for the season and at no cost to me whatsoever, this project fit right into my teeny tiny creativity budget! So far, my rustic triple wreath cost me less than two bucks and my newspaper advent calendar was totally free, just like my Christmas towels!

I’m doing so well, I feel a splurge coming on!

Now, if I could keep my present budget as tight, I’d really be in business…oh well, maybe next year!

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Quick Christmas Towels

Christmas kitchen

I have been trying to decorate my house for Christmas in a more rustic style this year, using decorative pieces that I already own. I did not want to go out and buy all new items for such a short season, nor did I want to totally and permanently transform items I currently use year round and then have to go buy replacements for them at another time.

Anyone with me?

Well, if you are, you’ll love my quick Christmas towels.

I decided to dress up my pretty pine server with a few red and white linens. I liked the basic look, but they were just not festive enough for the holiday. They needed a little embellishment. However, I love these basic towels and use them often, so I didn’t want to do anything drastic that would prevent me from displaying them in July or October, so I grabbed a safety pin and got to work.

Christmas Towels

I literally pinned that wreath (a leftover from last year) to the towel using one small safety pin, careful not to make a big hole in the fabric. I can reposition it, remove it to wash the towel and take it off for good when Christmas is over! So ~ I mean no sew~ easy! The ribbon is a bit more permanent. I quickly basted it on. I actually like it a lot and it’s not really holiday related in any way, so it can stay.

However, since it’s on with a light stitch I can remove it in a jiffy. If you don’t sew, you can iron on a ribbon, use an iron on tape or hot glue it. Hot glue just doesn’t generally do well in the wash.

Christmas ribbon towel

I didn’t need to go to running to the store for the perfect accessory, I didn’t need to spend a dime, I didn’t add to the stash of holiday stuff I may or may not ever use again and my little festive pop took me less than ten minutes to put together.

I’ll share a little secret…I taped the towels to the inside of the drawer to secure them. The kids and the hubby go in there sometimes and I didn’t want the towels to keep ending up on the floor. That’s just not festive at all!

Christmas Pine Server

I am very happy with my rustic kitchen display. I am basically done decorating and can’t wait to show you the rest very soon! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far and making it simple…not stressful!

Merry Christmas fruit bowl

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