A Simple, Rustic Christmas

Rustic Christmas Living Room

I love drama in decorating. I think that is why I am so drawn to the color red, especially when it’s coupled with the color white. The clean, bold palate created by the combination of those two specific hues, energizes me, yet calms me at the very same time. There is something very pleasurable about viewing such a room, at least to me anyway, and I know that there are many of you out there who are nodding in agreement.

So it only stands to reason, that Christmas should be my favorite decorating holiday. Red reigns supreme in December! The addition of even more red in my home (if at all possible) has heralded the season for as long as I can remember. Exhibit A is last year’s tour.

Merry Christmas sticker sign

However, this year, I felt the need to tone it all down a little bit. I don’t know exactly why, but when perusing through my Pinterest boards and looking at pretty magazine pictures, I was drawn to a whiter, lighter look this year.  The photos invoked a very calm feeling in me, almost like I was on a country vacation. That sounded wonderful, I could use a vacation.  So I decided to embrace the lodge look of my living room and celebrate with a rustic Christmas.

Rustic Christmas Tree

I didn’t want to buy much new, I have 20 years of Christmas in my basement already. I decided to give myself a $10 budget and I can honestly say that I have stuck to it. I repurposed decorations or used items that I normally don’t put out, but mostly, I just put out….less. I have been on a simplifying kick all year. Christmas has proven no different.

Rustic Christmas Fireplace Mantle

I have white lights in every room, like every year, and my Santa collection is peppered about, as well. My kitchen server is dressed for the season and my family room has a tasty little seasonal glow. I swapped out the red ribbons on my wreaths this year, in favor of a more charming accent and whipped up a holiday printable to decorate my countertop.

Christmas ribbon towel

Christmas Printable

Candy Cane Candle

However, when I think of Christmas at home, this is the room that immediately comes to mind. I wrap presents in here, Santa shows up in here and we gather with family on Christmas day to celebrate in here. Even more special to me are the times throughout the season, when I find myself sitting with my kids or my husband in this room, by the lights of the season, talking quietly about their day…no iPhone, no tv, no distractions. There’s something about that tree that just commands quiet and I love it.

Christmas tour 2014

Sometimes, I even take a minute to slow down myself. I grab something hot, take Santa on my lap, rock in that chair and just stare at the tree. I find it very meditative and peaceful and that is the feeling I was looking for this year. It’s actually better than any present and it cost me less than ten bucks to create a room awash in serenity…

…and if you’re wondering what happened to all of my bright sentimental ornaments, the colorful ones that make me ooh and ahh and maybe even cry a bit when I unwrap them that first weekend after Thanksgiving, you must know that this sappy Christmas girl put it out somewhere!! What are the holidays without babies’ first handprints or red-nosed reindeer singing from an artificial bow?

Traditional Christmas Tree

If they didn’t make the “rustic” cut upstairs, I just relegated them to the basement tree! I can still see them whenever I want, or more likely, whenever I do laundry (a lot!). It’s not as calm down there, but definitely just as festive!

It’s the best of both worlds!

I wish you a peaceful holiday!

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Candy Cane Hurricane Candle

Candy Cane Hurricane Candle

So I have these flameless candles and I use them all year long.  I love the ambiance that candle glow adds to a room, but I am not really a fan of fire. I also like to doll up my candles with embellishments and a real flame limits what I am safely able to do to dress those waxy accessories up.

The remote control or timer versions let me get really crazy with my adornments without having to remove the candle and disturb my display to turn them on and off. Win ~ win!

My latest creation is equal parts holiday decor and candy dish! I simply put a small hurricane inside a big one and hang candy canes on the edge of the smaller one.

Candy Cane Candle

It looks very festive and tastes great, too! I’ve had to keep an extra box of candy canes hidden as back up, because people keep snacking on my centerpiece, but that’s ok! It’s Christmas, after all ~ the whole holiday should be made of sweet treats and fun!

I wonder if the same thing would happen at Easter if I lined the hurricanes with carrots?

Yeah…probably not.

Merry Christmas!


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Super Easy Christmas Printable

Christmas Printable

During the Thanksgiving season, I shared a post detailing a super easy printable project. I actually loved that simple little framed saying so much, that I decided to make a Christmas printable to fill my dollar store frame for December.

I went back to PicMonkey, the free version of course, and whipped up a 5 x 7 red and green design ~ “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”. Once again, it took me less than five minutes to complete and the result looks fabulous. I tucked my November “Give Thanks” behind my new holiday greeting, so it’s handy when I want to display it next fall.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Printable Framed

I love the simplicity of the project itself and the composition. I think it compliments the other items on my counter very well.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Of course, if you are looking for a more elaborate design, the sky is the limit!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas printable

I am also excited, because at the beginning of the season, I challenged myself to spend no more than $10 on craft supplies for the season and at no cost to me whatsoever, this project fit right into my teeny tiny creativity budget! So far, my rustic triple wreath cost me less than two bucks and my newspaper advent calendar was totally free, just like my Christmas towels!

I’m doing so well, I feel a splurge coming on!

Now, if I could keep my present budget as tight, I’d really be in business…oh well, maybe next year!

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